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It’s way to early to draw that conclusion. But, bettors should remember that new head coach Adam Gase is a former offensive coordinator who was brought in to build Sam Darnold into a dynamo. It’s not uncommon for coaching “specialists” to build “half a team.” Former offensive coordinators are prone to mastermind squads with high octane offenses whose defenses wear down in shootouts.

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It’s just an injunction, nothing has been invalidated yet. And, important pieces of the law ARE going into effect. Stay tuned. “If Mr. Favre is stating that MCEC never informed him that he was required to be at those events as a part of their agreement, then this, of course, would be one of the many lies MCEC leadership told my auditors through the course of this audit,” White said. “We arrested key MCEC leadership in February for the pervasive fraud at their organization.”.

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