Ted Wyman remains sports editor at the Sun. Sort of. He keeps the job title, but some invisible head sitting behind some invisible desk in some remote outpost of the land now will decide what Winnipeg sports fans want to read. Craig Ramsay was taken in the second round by the Buffalo Sabres, nineteenth overall, after a four year junior career with the Peterborough Petes. Ramsay played in 1,070 regular season NHL games while playing his entire career in Buffalo. He retired after the 1984 85 season.

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The complaint said in a statement to the investigator, Mattioli said he “had some friends over” the night of April 18 and they had a fire in the backyard and drank. He said he went to bed, and “woke up to Joel literally going through the pockets of the pants he was wearing.” When he confronted Acevedo, he said, “Joel said that he was not stealing.” Mattioli said he told Joel to get out of his house, and Joel walked downstairs. Mattioli said one of the people who had been sleeping downstairs then came upstairs and, “Suddenly, Joel punched (the man).” Mattioli said, “Joel fell to the ground, and he (Mattioli) got on top of (Joel) and called 911,” adding that he “didn’t suffocate the guy.

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