Real-Estate Taxes
Local property taxes on land and building, expressed in dollars per square foot, annually.
Tangible Taxes
This is a tax levied against the furniture, fixtures and equipment located in businesses and rental property. Tangible personal property tax also applies to structural additions of a mobile home. After the assessed value is determined by the property appraiser and millage rates set by the taxing authorities, the tangible tax roll is then certified and delivered to the Tax Collector for collection. Tax statements are mailed on November 1st of each year.
All Municipal Utilities
We always attempt to obtain utility information as to payment terms (monthly, quarterly, etc.). In many cases, utility service providers do not have lien rights, and occasionally they refuse to provide information to third parties.
Planning & Zoning
Zoning verification letters with all of the corresponding back up (requirements and permitted uses), concurrency letters, zoning maps, land use maps and resolutions.
Building Violations
A Building violation is a notice that a property is not in compliance with some provision of the Municipality Buildings Code.
Open/Expired Permits
We search for open and/or expired permit information on a property. An open Permit is permit that has expired with out the approval of all the required inspections certificate signed by a building and Zoning Department Inspector.
Code Enforcement Violations
Unless provided in the city/county lien search results, code enforcement information is requested for each lien search, unless we are instructed otherwise. Nuisance complaints are the most frequent type of case handled by Code Enforcement, comprising about 50 to 60% of all the complaints received by Municipalities. Nuisance complaints involve properties with an accumulation of rubbish or junk including, but not limited to, refuse, garbage, scrap metal, lumber, concrete, asphalt, piles of earth, tires, etc. These properties may also include abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles or vehicle engines.
Solid Waste Certificate
Research done by Miami Dade County Solid Waste Management to determine if there are or If you’ve received a Warning Notice of Violation of the Municipal Code, Chapter 15.
City Lien Letters
One of our most common services, this entails a search generally conducted via a city or county finance department for any fees, liens or assessments that may be due and owing.
Team Metro Code Letter
A search done by the office of Neighborhood Compliance for active cases and existing violations. As of Lot Clearing, Zoning Enforcement Units and Building Department’s Expired Permits, Building Code Compliance has provided information.
Certificate of Occupancy
The key document used to certify the legal use and occupancy of a building is called the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). The document is issued by the Department of Buildings and describes how a building may be occupied, for example, a two-family home, a parking lot, a 40-unit multiple dwelling, or a store. A C of O is often required when selling a home or refinancing a mortgage.
Unsafe Structures
Research and verify any outstanding Violations. After such time has expired, if the structure remains unsafe, the City may take action to repair, remove, or secure the structure to make it safe, billing the costs to the owner . Unpaid fees will result in a lien been filed by the Municipality.
Permit History
This is a search for all available permit records on a Commercial/Residential Property.
Payoff on Recorded/Unrecorded Liens
We provide payoff information on recorded liens upon request. You need to provide us with the OR Book and Page that appears on Title. For unrecorded liens, most municipalities automatically provide us with the payoff amount that is associated with the particular case if any.
Hoa/Condo Estoppels
Prospective purchasers of pre-owned condominiums should acquire and review an up-to-date estoppel certificate before considering the purchase of a particular unit. It appears that, in the resale market, the estoppel certificate is seen as equivalent to the disclosure statement required in the sale of new condominiums.

An estoppel certificate contains information in respect of the common expense obligations of the owner and of default in payment, if any, together with statements and information as prescribed by the regulations. Condominium bylaws, rules and regulations are part of the information in such a certificate.

Derm (For Miami Dade Storm water Utility). Request Made to the Department of Storm water to determine if there are any pending storm water fees due on the property.

County Special Assessments
Special assessment districts are established when there is a need for work (i.e., installation/repair of sidewalks, installation of sewer systems, paving of streets) that would be considered to benefit a specified group of parcels. The cost of the work done is appointed to the benefited property on a pro-rata basis, and becomes a lien against that property until the assessment amount is paid in full.
Corporate Status
Corporate status and list of officers/directors/owners.
Open Permit Resolution
Resolving open/expired permit issues can sometimes be quite complicated and costly. In instances where we can directly assist a client with an easy resolution of a permit issue, we do so. In other cases, at the request of a client, we can recommend licensed and insured contractors to resolve these issues.
Certified Copies
Obtains Certified copies of any recorded Documents.

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